Musical Leopards

 What a musical bunch! I was really excited for the Leopards to tell me all about the new topic they're are getting stuck into. They were keen to tell me about the performance they'd done earlier in the week and decided to put the skills they've learnt in forest schools to have a go at making some new instruments.  Some children made frog sticks or 'guiros'. They started by choosing a suitable piece of green wood, sawed it to size then whittled the shape (some making animals such as crocodiles, frogs etc) and adding the spikes that they'd run a stick across to make the 'ribbit' sound. In order to make the spikes they used a mallet to hit the sheath knife at an angle in two places to chop out a triangle shape. This technique is similar to how they use the bill hook so they picked it up easily and taught one another once they were shown.    Some children decided to make instruments from the materials they found in the woods, exploring the different sounds

What can you see, what can you hear?

 We have started a new topic this week and as part of it we went outside and made musical instruments from natural materials. We then rehearsed part of a hymn on them and all played together . Here is the video of us singing and playing our instruments. 

Careers afternoon - BBC Radio 2

 On Wednesday afternoon, Tigers, Leopards and Giraffes had a special opportunity to interview Dan Markham, a Producer at BBC Radio 2. The children had so many questions and were excited to find out about the world of radio and how to get into a career in that area. Dan showed us around the radio studio, talked about the different jobs that people do there and demonstrated some of the technology that they use.

Cooking bread on the fire

 We have been making and adapting flatbread recipes like the Stone Age people would have eaten then this afternoon we cooked the bread over the fire like they would have done. It was delicious and we enjoyed cooking our own bread over the fire. 


 Yesterday we made simple flatbread like early Hunter gatherers would have done. Next week we are going to make the flatbread again but add some other natural ingredients to see if we can improve the recipe

Damper bread

 What fantastic reliance the Leopards have shown this afternoon! The children coached one another how to use the flint and steel to create a spark, lighting the cotton wool. Although this was a tricky task at times, the children were determined to keep going and not give up. The Leopards are a great team, I was impressed by how they encouraged one another and helped each other to adapt their strategy.                                  They then whittled their sticks and wrapped dough around it and roasted the bread on the fire.  Then of course we enjoyed eating the bread!                                                            I can't wait for next week Leopards!


 During collective worship this week we have been discussing hope. The children thought about their hopes and dreams and made charms that captured them. They then attached their charms to the dream catchers they made during our forest school session.